Worker Advocacy Group Issues Legal Notice to Trucking Employees as Union Goons Threaten Strike

On July 21, 2023, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation issued a special legal notice to employees of Yellow, a trucking company. The issuance of this legal notice came in light of news reports revealing that Teamsters union officials have delivered a strike notice. 

The legal notice alerted workers about a strike potentially kicking off as soon as July 24 and reminds workers about how they should “learn about [their] legal rights from independent sources.”

“You should not rely on what self-interested union officials tell you,” the notice highlighted.

The legal notice lets Yellow workers, who want to continue working during a strike, know that they should file resignations before to returning to work. In doing so, these workers can avoid being slapped with vindictive union fines and even union discipline. “Your resignation letter must be postmarked the day before you return to work, or hand-delivered before you actually return to work,” the notice stated. 

On top of that, the notice informs employees of their other rights to withdraw from the Teamsters union, which includes how to halt the funding of unwanted union activities.

“If you work in a state with Right to Work protections, you have a right to cut off all payments of dues and fees to the union if you don’t support its activities,” the notice stated. “If you do not work in a state with Right to Work protections, you at least have a right to opt-out of dues payments for union politics, and may be able to avoid other union financial support.”

“Many Yellow employees are likely questioning whether the hardline stance of Teamsters President Sean O’Brien and other Teamsters bosses is really in Yellow employees’ best interest,” declared National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix. “As O’Brien himself has acknowledged on social media, a strike could result in Yellow folding and a loss of work for 22,000 truckers – workers that Teamsters chiefs claim to ‘represent.’”

“More likely than not, O’Brien and the bosses atop the Teamsters union are playing such games with Yellow workers’ livelihoods in order to maintain a façade of strength for upcoming contract talks with UPS management,” Mix added. “Yellow truckers who oppose such gamesmanship and would prefer to continue to do their jobs in defiance of Teamsters bosses’ orders should read the Foundation’s legal notice for a full explanation of their rights, and are welcome to seek free Foundation legal aid if they encounter any obstacles to exercising their right to work.”

Unions had a purpose in the past, but they’ve now outworn their welcome. These are coercive, parasitic institutions that do not advance the interests of workers. Instead, they advance leftist causes. 

From non-worker revolts against union bosses to legislation that weakens union influence, the Right must mount all forms of resistance against these wretched entities.

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