‘Worst Ever:’ Viewers React to NBC New Years Eve Coverage

According to those who had the unfortunate displeasure of watching Monday evening’s New Years Eve coverage on NBC, the show hosted by Leslie Jones, Chrissy Teigen and Carson Daly was a complete flop.

“NBC this is the worst New Years Eve show EVER!!!” said one Twitter user.


“First time I’ve ever watched and it will definitely be the last. Horrible!” said another Twitter user.


“Huge thumbs down on the Live New Years Eve showing ,” said a third.

“Worst shows ever and . Absolutely terrible,” said a fourth.


Apparently, former supermodel Teigen went on tirade – pre-approved by NBC, mind you – about something called “vaginal steaming,” which included the network airing photos of the procedure.

Vaginal steaming? Really? WTF? Bringing New Years eve to a new low. The whole night has been whacked,” one Twitter user said.

Thousands of others shared this sentiment.

Daly (who tis apparently still alive) had an existential crisis on air, questioning all of his life decisions. The horribly unfunny Jones, known more for her Twitter feud with Milo Yiannopoulos than for her role in the all-female “Ghostbusters” remake, a box office flop, also managed to poke Teigen in the eye with her umbrella.

All of this culminated in the network failing to air the countdown and the ball drop, which is supposed to be the climax of the show. The three hosts were apparently busy blathering on about, well, God knows what.

A Twitter user summed the program up thusly:

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