WOW: 700 POUND Black Bear Shot With Bow and Arrow In New Jersey Sets World Record

A 700 pound black bear shot with a bow and arrow in New Jersey has been certified as the largest ever to be hunted with the weapon.

The creature was shot and killed on October 14th in Morris County. The Pope and Young Club, a bow-hunting sporting organization, certified that the animal breaks the world record for a bow-hunted black bear. The previous record was held by a bear killed in 1993 in California.

Jeff Miello, a native of the garden state, hunted the animal. He’s described the experience of breaking the world record for bow-hunting a black bear as an “inspiring journey, to say the least,” proud that New Jersey now has its first-ever world breaking animal.

A records director for the Pope and Young Club, Eli Randall states that the animal’s skull measures over 23 inches. He says its bone structure is the heaviest he has ever seen.

Black bears are the world’s most common variety of bears. They’re not commonly hunted, and are not endangered, with healthy populations of the animal residing across the continental United States.

Bear hunting was reintroduced to New Jersey in 2003 amidst concerns that the populations of the bears were threatening to other animals. Despite this, some liberals are seeking to ban bear hunting once again, with new Governor Phil Murphy pledging to ban the tradition during his 2018 campaign.

The bear has been preserved through a taxonomy process, and will be available for public viewing at the Pope and Young annual convention in Virginia in March.