WOW: Traitor Bill Barr Threatened to Resign if Trump Fired Pro-ANTIFA FBI Director Chris Wray

Former attorney general Bill Barr reportedly threatened to resign when former president Donald Trump was considering the termination of FBI director Chris Wray in early 2020.

According to Business Insider, Barr flexed his political clout to save Wray’s hide. Wray became loathed to Trump’s base for profiling right-wingers as terror threats while looking the other way as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs burned cities to the ground.

Barr reportedly stormed out of a meeting after he was told by a White House aide that Trump was considering the termination of Wray. Barr was allegedly informed that Trump had been considering Bill Evanina as Wray’s replacement during the meeting. He left the meeting abruptly to show his displeasure with the potential of Wray being replaced.

Big League Politics reported on how Barr joined in the Democrats’ rigging efforts after the 2020 presidential election:

President Donald Trump is considering firing Attorney General William Barr, with the Washington Post reporting Wednesday evening that Trump “remained livid” at him.

On Tuesday Barr said that the Justice Department did not find evidence of “fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

An unnamed senior administration official told the Post that although Trump is upset about Barr’s comments, he’s also unhappy with Barr about other matters, such as his previous lack of action on the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and his handling of John Durham.

The president is pressuring Barr to release the “Durham report,” which could implicate officials in using the investigation to target Trump for political reasons. Trump also sees Barr’s secret appointment of Durham to DOJ special counsel as a “stall tactic.”

In the wake of Election Day Attorney General Barr authorized federal prosecutors to “investigate substantial allegations” of voter fraud. But in his comments Tuesday, Barr claimed that “most claims of fraud are very particularized to a particular set of circumstances or actors or conduct.”

“They are not systemic allegations,” said Barr.

Barr has not changed one bit from his first stint as attorney general under globalist President George H.W. Bush, when Barr oversaw the Ruby Ridge debacle and got the ball rolling on the Waco massacre.

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