WTF: Sebastian Gorka, Zionist Organization of America Urge Big Tech to Censor TPUSA Critic

A prominent right-wing voice and supposedly conservative organization are leading a digital lynch mob to facilitate Big Tech censorship against prominent Turning Point USA critic Nicholas J. Fuentes.

Fuentes has encouraged his supporters in recent weeks to question Charlie Kirk at his “Culture War” events on campuses throughout the country. They have cajoled Kirk on contentious issues such as his support for mass immigration, the LGBT agenda and foreign aid to Israel.

After Kirk was unable to answer the questions posed by questioners without stammering and spewing anti-Christian insults, there has been a Conservative Inc. backlash against Fuentes that has culminated in the formation of a digital lynch mob to de-platform the paleoconservative video blogger off of Twitter.

Former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) are leading the charge against Fuentes, accusing him of being a holocaust denier without pointing to any specific quote that Fuentes made denying the holocaust.

“It is absolutely astounding and inexplicable that the most powerful companies in the world have no problem ignoring this pure evil, let alone offering even more exposure than average, as Twitter did by verifying Fuentes’ account,” ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said.

“I urge Twitter to stop cooperating with Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, white Supremacists and racists, and to prevent them from having a platform to further spread their vile hate-filled speech,” he added.

This instance of conservative cancel culture shows that many on the Right will use leftist tactics whenever they feel it politically advantageous for them to do so. Principled conservatives are standing with Fuentes though even as Conservative Inc. tries to destroy him.

Because of the fall-out that has resulted from Kirk getting grilled at his campus events, two student chapter leaders within the TPUSA organization have already resigned from their positions as a result.

“My misgivings with TPUSA first arose in the aftermath of the Covington Catholic incident. Many TPUSA associates initially sided with the left-wing mob, condemning the innocent high school students for having the gall to smile in the face of an adult’s aggressive behavior,” former Kansas State University chapter leader Jaden McNeil wrote in his resignation letter.

“I harbor no hatred toward homosexuals; however, as a conservative Christian, I do not believe that gay marriage and drag queens should be glorified and promoted,” McNeil explained.

“This particular situation is part of a much larger problem: TPUSA constantly cedes cultural ground to the Left while focusing primarily on economics. The organization often ignores social conservatism altogether,” he added.

Conservative Inc. is in full-blown panic mode, and even if they are successful in lobbying Big Tech to shut Fuentes down, it will not stop the grassroots revolt that is underway against inauthentic conservatism.

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