WTF: Texas State Department Pushes Critical Race Theory Lessons Under Gov. Greg Abbott

A whistleblower has emerged to reveal shocking news that the Texas state department is holding critical race theory indoctrination sessions for its employees.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) conducted a training for its employees that encompassed crucial tenets of critical race theory. The information was discovered by former state senator Don Huffines, who is challenging Abbott in a primary challenge for governor next year.

The DFPS course was titled, “Knowing Who You Are,” and forced employees to take a test rating them based upon their knowledge of marxist neologisms such as “Institutional Racism” and “White Privilege.” The 13,000 DFPS employees were also judged on their commitment to social justice.

They were also forced to endure a TedX talk from Dr. Camara Jones, an academic scribbler and affirmative action beneficiary who often pontificates on why health is racist.

“For any of us, it’s difficult for us to recognize any system of inequity that is privileging us. For example, it’s difficult for men to recognize male privilege and sexism. It’s difficult for white people in this country to recognize white privilege and racism,” said Jones. 

“Like institutionalized racism, it can be through acts of doing as well as acts of not doing. But even more important, [sic] it can be unintentional, as well as intentional. You don’t have to intend it to have a racist impact to do something racist, to have a racist impact,” she added.

Huffines says that the buck stops with Abbott for allowing this CRT poison to circulate through his state government. Abbott ultimately deserves the blame for allowing this to go on under his watch, Huffines contends.

“Given that DFPS is a state agency under the direct purview of the governor, Abbott should have been aware that CRT training was being forced on state employees,” Huffines said. “And if he wasn’t aware, that in and of itself is a serious problem. What other radical left-wing initiatives are our tax dollars funding, without the governor having the will or desire to stop them?”

“Greg Abbott is forcing hard-working Texans to subsidize mandatory Critical Race Theory for state employees,” Huffines added. “Critical Race Theory is Marxist, racist poison being used to indoctrinate and divide Americans. It has no place in the State of Texas.”

While Abbott may posture as a strong conservative, his actual leadership record has often missed the mark. This is why Huffines – as well as Retired Lt. Col. Allen West and political commentator Chad Prather – has risen to primary challenge Abbott in next year’s election.

If any of these three individuals are successful in their bids against Abbott, it will be a major shot against the bow of the entrenched RINO establishment of the Lone Star State and will likely mean the permanent banishment of CRT from the state.

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