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XFL Becomes Latest Casualty of the Coronavirus Shutdown

The spring football league had shown promise.



The XFL has essentially suspended its operations and laid off its employees, signaling that the spring football league has become the latest casualty of the national Chinese coronavirus epidemic. There are currently no plans to place the league back into operation next year.

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The league was formed in 2018 by professional wrestling executive Vince McMahon, seeking to become the first major professional football league to compete with the NFL in almost a century. The league had appeared to show promise during its inaugural season, selling out arenas in which its teams competed and attracting a decent online following.

The league’s season was structured for a spring setting to avoid directly competing with the NFL, and the first season featured 10 games for eight teams. The season had to be suspended in early March when the national coronavirus epidemic required Americans to engage in social distancing, a practice that clearly prevents the congregation of fans in football stadiums.

But it appears the attempt to create a lasting alternative professional football league is destined to become the latest casualty of the coronavirus epidemic. There are no current plans to return to play in 2021, suggesting that the cessation of operations appears permanent.

The XFL had possibly shown more of a resilient league structure than other ill-fated attempts to compete with the NFL, such as arena football and the 2001 incarnation of the XFL. Football fans who wanted a spring football league will now be left in the dark.


“That Stuff Ain’t Happenin’ with [a] Kamala-Biden Ticket”: Fox Sports Broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Mock Military Jet Flyovers on Hot Mic



The top NFL broadcast duo at Fox Sports, Joe Buck and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, mocked military jet flyovers on a hot mic during Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Aikman started it all by saying, “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”

“That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work!” Buck responded sarcastically.

The most notable and outrageous moment came when Aikman then quipped, “That stuff ain’t happenin’ with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket. I’ll tell you that right now, partner.”

How embarrassing and disgraceful. The NFL has already lost many conservative fans over its aggressively pro-social justice, pro-Black Lives Matter stance, so I guess it’s no surprise that its commentators and broadcasters would be liberal as well.

Many on social media are reacting to the Buck/Aikman hot mic by saying that the flyovers are a waste of money and that there’s nothing wrong with what they said. Aside from the fact that these flyovers are legitimate training exercises, none of them are focusing on Aikman’s last comment about the “Kamala-Biden ticket” (which is in the wrong order, if you didn’t already notice). He’s implying that flyovers honoring the military are nothing more than a partisan display that Democrats would prefer not to see. That’s shameful.

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