Yahoo Suggests Trump is Racist for Congratulating Supporter Who Was Drafted to NFL

The enemy of the people was back at it Saturday, suggesting that President Donald J. Trump was racist for congratulating one of his supporters for being drafted to the NFL.

“Kyler Murray, a Black Man, Was the Number One NFL Draft Pick. Trump Congratulated the Number Two Pick Instead,” a Yahoo! headline said.

The obvious implication is that Trump avoided congratulating the number one overall pick because of his race, instead choosing the number two overall pick, who is white. In reality, Nick Bosa, the number two pick, was forced to hide his support for Trump before the draft, and said he “had to” delete some his Tweets supporting Trump. Trump’s congratulatory Tweet had nothing to do with race. Rather, Trump was supporting one of his own supporters.

Instead, Yahoo! wanted its readers to think that Trump was snubbing a black athlete because of his race.

“Congratulations to Nick Bosa on being picked number two in the NFL Draft. You will be a great player for years to come, maybe one of the best. Big Talent! San Francisco will embrace you but most importantly, always stay true to yourself. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump Tweeted.

“Always stay true to yourself” was an obvious nod to Bosa’s politics.

Further, he was drafted to play in San Francisco, a town infamous for both its Trump hatred, and for its former quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who started the controversial trend of kneeling for the National Anthem.

Big League Politics reported on Bosa’s harassment at the hands of liberal lunatics:

The Ohio State defensive end, who is looking forward to becoming a possible NFL draft pick, admits to self censoring on Twitter in an effort to increase his chances of becoming a professional athlete.

Nick Bosa, an ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump who previously called failed athlete Colin Kaepernick a “clown,” now says he “had to” censor himself on Twitter before the NFL draft.

In addition to denouncing Kaepernick, Sports Illustrated reports that Bosa had posted a photo of Presidents Donald J. Trump and Ronald Reagan with the caption “Goats,” short for Greatest Of All Time.

According to ESPN, he curtailed his political posting and deleted multiple posts when it became apparent he could be chosen to join the San Francisco 49ers.

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