Yale Cancels Classes So Students Can Protest Kavanaugh Nomination

Yale has cemented itself as a hotbed for social justice warriors. So when new 11th hour accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh dropped having to do with his time at the university, students at the university flipped out.

Over 600 students have come out in support of the accuser, with dozens of students protesting at the University, along with others traveling to Washington, D.C. to protest. All of this hoopla has led towards some faculty members cancelling classes to encourage the protests.

The second round of allegations come from The New Yorker, who published the account of a woman, Deborah Ramirez, alleging Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken dorm party during the 1983-1984 academic year. Ronan Farrow, who unearthed the allegations, openly admits she spoke out due to pressure from Senate Democrats.

Judge Kavanaugh continues to adamantly deny the allegations, but left-wing activists continue to push them without evidence. To the contrary, there is a litany of evidence pointing towards Kavanaugh’s innocence. For instance, in the wake of his first accusation 65 women close to Kavanaugh backed his character in an open letter.

In the case of the newest accusation, Ramirez casts doubt on herself. It took her six days of coaching before she felt comfortable recollecting the story, though she admits there are “gaps” in her memory due to excessive drinking. A woman who claims to be the former “best friend” of Ramirez does not recollect hearing of the story, despite claiming to have shared intimidate details of their lives with each other.

This evidence doesn’t seem to matter in the minds of students at Yale, a University regularly touted as the most prestigious law school in the country. One would think that those students would care about the rule of law, instead of participating in left-wing outrage mobs.

But considering that more Freshman students at the university identify as “queer” than as conservative shows that there wasn’t much support for Kavanaugh in the first place.  Maybe they should be honest about their reasons for opposing him, instead of masking their hatred for the Constitution with unfounded sexual misconduct allegations.




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