Yale Disease Historian: Coronavirus a “Disease of Globalization”

A Yale University pandemic scholar described the global Chinese coronavirus epidemic as a “disease of globalization” in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday, admitting that globalist institutions and structures have played a crucial role in the global spread of the virus.

Yale historian Frank Snowden described the virus as threatening “the economic and political sinews of globalization, and causing them to unravel to a certain degree,” going on to state that coronavirus “emphatically a disease of globalization.”

Snowden went on to cite the disease’s infection of people usually associated with the western world’s cultural and political elite, citing the diagnoses of Boris Johnson and Tom Hanks. The virus has appeared to proliferate among the global rich, who typically engage in international travel at levels the middle class do not.

The European Union has suspended travel within the borders of its member-states for what may be the first time in the history of its existence, a tacit admission that the globalist political union’s status quo of operation is an insufficient approach to containing the virus. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Willick admits in the piece that the virus “is encouraging a devolution of authority from supranational units to the nation-state.  This is most obvious in the European Union, where member states are setting their own responses.”

The era of neoliberal globalism that began in the 1990’s- defined by global free trade, free movement of peoples, a historically unprecedented wealth transfer from the American middle class to China- may soon face its moment of reckoning if the broader general public chooses to hold those who advance its world vision accountable for the spread of the disease.

The American public was promised that free trade with China and liberal immigration policies would serve as wealth creators for broad cross-segments of American society. Instead, it appears that they’re suffering the consequences of an explicitly globalist disease, perhaps as a final horseman of apocalypse for the tarred neoliberal era.

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