Yale Professor Gets $1 Million Grant to Study Hair Racism in Video Games

A Yale professor has received $1 million in grant money to “dismantle prejudices baked into the technology” of video games, particularly with regards to hair.

Professor Theodore Kim “will lead a group that will investigate the algorithmic representation of Type 4 hair as a uniquely anti-racist problem.” This is the type of hair that black women have. They say it is underrepresented in video games, or something. He said “this research will serve as an example of how to identify the products of systemic racism in computer graphics and demonstrate how to take concrete steps to ameliorate their harm.”

“The tools and algorithms we aim to develop will allow the full range of human hair, in its elegant variation and diversity, to be faithfully represented in film and games,” Professor Kim said.

Yale stated that this research is very important to combat the scourge of “European or Caucasian hair” in video games and computer graphics modeling.

“One of the physical characteristics that is most revealing of algorithmic bias is the representation of human hair,” the university stated. “Computer graphics research has historically favored the simulation and rendering of straight hair, which is racially coded as European or Caucasian hair.”

Big League Politics has reported on the leftist obsession with finding racism everywhere in society is radicalizing low IQ mentally ill individuals to commit acts of violence:

A black woman punched a stranger outside of an Oregon bus last month because she hates “white people,” according to court documents.

The court documents indicate Nimo Jire Kalinle, a black 42-year-old woman, started punching Janae Jordan in the face repeatedly after leaving a bus at a stop in North Portland. Jordan was reportedly waiting with her young daughter and husband when she was targeted with the vicious, racially-motivated attack.

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