Yale Student Asks Ted Cruz If He’d ‘Fellate A Man’ To End World Hunger

You’re either with ’em or against ’em! Events took a turn for the stranger during a talk at Yale University after a student asked “The View” Co-hosts Michael Knowles and Senator Ted Cruz if they would copulate with another man if it would hypothetically solve world hunger.
“Assuming that it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?” asked the student.

Yale Student Asks Ted Cruz If He’d ‘Fellate A Man’ To End World Hunger-

“Well, actually, so, I do have an answer to this,” answered Knowles. 

“Alright, I actually think it is better that the Yalie answer this,” Senator Cruz responded as he passed both the microphone and responsibility to Knowles, a graduate of Yale University in 2012.

“Like a typical left-wing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics,” Knowles said, grinning. “Consequentialism is an ethical theory that judges the morality of an action based on its consequences. It is the opposite of deontology, which posits that certain actions are inherently wrong and therefore never justified.”

“You are attempting to justify flagrantly immoral behavior to achieve a good end,” Knowles continued. “And I tell you, my friend, the ends do not justify the means — absolutely, absolutely not.”

Cruz then flipped the question back on the student, cheekily asking, “If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?”The Texas senator’s joke prompted laughs from guest host Liz Wheeler, Knowles, and others in the audience.

The event was organized by Young America’s Foundation as part of Knowles and Cruz’s country-wide tour, The Post Millennial reported.Other event highlights included Senator Cruz’s commentary on the censorship of conservative views by Yale and others in academia.

“What happened at Yale Law School, what’s sad about that is it is not unusual, you see it happening at universities all over the country,” Cruz said during the event. “Instead of doing what one would imagine Yale lawyers would be capable of doing, which is presenting arguments and reasoning, they instead tried to exercise the heckler’s veto and just scream down anyone who disagrees.”

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