Yang Gang May Be A Funny Meme, But He’s Just Another Extreme Leftist

Andrew Yang Another Radical Leftist

Andrew Yang memes are spreading fast, and are concealing the extreme left wing views of the Democrat candidate for president.

On the surface, Yang seems to understand some of the issues facing modern Americans. He has identified Americans’ addiction to opiates as a public health crisis, briefly discussed the destruction of the American family, and wants to help young people deal with massive student loan debt.

However, his solutions are so far left they make Bernie Sanders look like a staunch conservative.

Like other far left candidates, Yang supports socialized healthcare through a Medicare for All plan on his website, even calling Obamacare a “step in the right direction.” Missing, naturally, is any mention of how to finance such a fanciful policy without bankrupting the nation.

Among his more insane policies is a proposal to give $1 billion to failing media companies in what he calls the Local Journalism Fund, turn post offices into banks and force them to remain open until 8 p.m., send three-year-old toddlers to government funded schools, and force colleges to pay student athletes.

Of course, the far left candidate’s policy platform would be incomplete without an assault on the Second Amendment.

Yang believes that gun owners should be subject to licensing to buy as much as a pistol, which they would then be required to own for an entire year before becoming eligible to buy a rifle.

In order to be eligible to buy a rifle after the mandatory waiting period, gun owners would need additional licensing and be required to submit a receipt showing ownership of a gun locker or safe to the federal government as well.

Those wishing to own semi-automatic rifles would then be required to submit their DNA to the FBI.

And finally, while President Trump is attempting to incentivize settling down and raising a family through paid maternal leave and increased tax benefits for having children, Yang would instead engage in a massive wealth redistribution scheme, called Universal Basic Income, to give Americans $1,000 per month regardless of their earning potential.

To support the Universal Basic Income, there is naturally no mention of how it would be paid for. Instead, Yang collected a series of flowery quotes from prominent Americans throughout history that seem to advocate the radical policy.

As with most socialist policies, the Universal Basic Income has already been tried and failed numerous times. From 1968 until 1980, the United States had a form of UBI, and it resulted in Americans working less hours to get more greenbacks from the government.

More recently, it was tried in Finland just two years ago in 2017, where it was found to be such a waste of money it was canceled the next year.

While the findings have not yet been published, Finland would have had to raise its 50 percent income tax by another 30 per cent to pay for the fanciful policy, making it cataclysmic for the Scandinavian country’s economy.

Along with other progressives, Yang seems to be finding support with the most unlikely of allies. After former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke heaped praise on the radical leftist and possibly anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the founder of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, who wants an whites only ethno-state, endorsed Yang for President.

There is no denying some of the memes are funny, but hopefully the Yang Gang realizes they are pushing for a candidate to the left of Bernie Sanders.

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