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Yellow Vests: Video Allegedly Shows AFP Reporter Shot By French Police



Yellow Vest AFP Reporter Shot

A video has surfaced allegedly showing an AFP reporter shot by French police with a “flash ball” projectile, fracturing his kneecap, while recording a Yellow Vest protest.

The video offers a startling view into the situation on the ground in France. As the video begins, the person recording, a journalist for Agence France-Presse, is recording while standing, and several loud pops are heard. Seconds later, the journalist buckles over, groaning in pain, and several Yellow Vest demonstrators rush to his aid.

The reporter allegedly suffered a fractured kneecap from the incident, which happened over the weekend, as French police continue to escalate the tactics they are willing to use to crush Yellow Vest demonstrations.

While the video first gained popularity on Twitter, it was posted to the official AFP YouTube account, suggesting the details surrounding the video may be accurate. The video serves as an indication to some that the police have continued to increase their willingness to use force against protesters and nearby media, with many pointing to a close call from December of last year as evidence of escalating violence from the French government.

In December, a journalist narrowly avoided severe injury or death when a French police officer in riot gear aimed a flash ball at him at point blank range.

Big League Politics has covered the escalating tensions, cultural developments, and violence surrounding the Yellow Vest movement in recent weeks. In previous weeks, Yellow Vest protesters have extended their protest to the Rothschild Bank of France and the French banking system, and French cultural icons have come out in support of the young movement. Just yesterday, it was reported that French police are now brandishing loaded rifles against protesters.

Now extending beyond France, the Yellow Vest movement is also facing an increased crackdown in the United Kingdom, where its leader in the nation was arrested during a peaceful protest.

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Italian Populist Youth Group Praises Trump for His Peace Efforts

The Lega Nord is one of Europe’s strongest populist parties.



The Lega Giovani, the youth branch of Salvini’s Lega party, announced its support in nominating President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Due to Trump’s efforts in brokering peace deals between Gulf Arab states and Israel, one Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde nominated the president for the Nobel Peace prize.

In a statement, Luca Toccalini, a member of the Italian Parliament and Chairman of Lega Giovani, declared that the “globalist left is losing its mind, scared by the outcome of the upcoming American elections, and this latest news decisively increased their worries.”

Toccalini added that Lega Giovani “strongly” supports the “nomination of President Donald Trump, a just reward for the continued dedication of his administration for lasting peace with a bilateral and multi polar approach.”

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The populist Italian member of Parliament noted how Trump’s Middle East agenda has contrasted with Obama’s:

After a decade of turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa, sponsored by a globalist agenda and President Obama’s dreams of revolution, the last 4 years have seen great improvement for the stability in our neighbourhood which has also helped Europe.

Toccalini concluded:

Wishing four more years of peace and greatness, as Lega Giavani we strongly support Donald J. Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Matteo Salvini and Lega have led the way in putting populism on the map throughout Europe. Salvini broke the mold by implementing pro-gun reforms in 2018 and 2019. What seems like a concept that is only confined to the U.S., now the right to bear arms is starting to enter the conversation in Europe. Political organizations like Lega have undoubtedly changed political discourse in Italian politics and Europe, for that matter.

Youth organizations such as Lega Giovani will play a substantial role in spreading Lega’s message and educating younger generations of Italians and preparing them to be the new populist vanguard of an ever-changing European polity.

The message can be read here.

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