YIKES: Ohio Never Trumper and Kasich Operative Arrested by FBI, Charged with Bribery

Never Trumper political consultant Matt Borges was arrested by FBI agents on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in a bribery scheme that federal prosecutors are calling the most corrupt in Ohio’s history. Borges was arrested following an investigation into Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, whom authorities allege took more than $60 million from a nuclear energy company in return for a planned bailout of two power plants in the state.

Borges is most known for being the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party during the 2016 Presidential Election. He refused to support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, and after President Trump won Ohio and the election, he secured Borges’ removal as OHGOP chairman.

Borges most recently started a pro-Joe Biden Super PAC hoping to swing Republican voters to the Democratic Party. Remarkably, in a recent interview, he pointed to Donald Trump’s supposed ‘self-dealing,’ an ironic accusation from a man arrested for overseeing a corruption bribery scheme in which tens of millions of dollars were sent to the Speaker of the Ohio House in return for political favors. Authorities are alleging Borges played a crucial role in acting as a lobbyist for FirstEnergy, the company in question seeking bailout money in return for bribes.

The longtime John Kasich operative had merited a censure from the Ohio Republican Party for his back-crossing support of Democrats only days ago. Now, the questions about his alleged lack of integrity are only more pressing.

View the 82-page indictment document against Borges here.

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