“You All Think I’m Kidding, Don’t You?”: Joe Biden Calls Himself Kamala Harris’ RUNNING MATE

While campaigning in Georgia Tuesday, Joe Biden once again drew attention for something he said. This time he referred to himself as Kamala Harris’ running mate.

“My name’s Joe Biden, I’m Jill Biden’s husband, and I’m Kamala’s running mate,” Biden said to what was probably a small crowd. A few people cheered while he chuckled and followed up by saying, “You all think I’m kidding, don’t you?”

Video courtesy of the Trump War Room below:

This is no flub or gaffe; he knew exactly what he was saying. Back in September Kamala Harris accidentally spilled the beans when she referred to “a Harris administration, together with Joe Biden.” There have been at least a couple similar “mistakes” from Joe in the recent past as well.

So either it’s a running gag or they’re being completely honest about giving Joe the role of a figurehead de jure president while Kamala runs the ship as the de facto president. The Trump campaign ought to continually hammer this point as Election Day draws near.

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