“YOU BELONG IN JAIL!”: Obama Confronted By Republicans At Andrew Gillum Rally (Video)

In the finale of the “F*** Political Correctness Truth Tour” hosted by Jacob Engels of the Central Florida Post, former President Barack Obama was confronted by a group of Republicans in Miami, Florida. Obama was speaking at an event for Andrew Gillum, the Democrat nominee for Governor in Florida.

On stage, the protest organized by Engels included a number of conservatives, including Enrique Tarrio, an “Afro-Cuban” Trump supporter, and Tyler Whyte, a pro-Trump activist.

Watch the video below, exclusively provided to Big League Politics:

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This confrontation was the final move for Engels in his “Truth Tour” which has worked its away across Florida in recent weeks.

Because of the publicity Engels has earned, he had to get creative to get into the event with Obama.

Engels, Tarrio, and rest of their crew were forced to go “undercover,” dressing like the average hipster you’d see at a Gillum event.

Engels outside the Gillum and Obama rally

Engels on the left

Tarrio at the Obama/Gillum rally

Tarrio undercover as a Gillum supporter

From there, they participated at the rally like everyone else. Once Obama took stage, the confrontation was started by Tarrio, who called out the former president for “abandoning the black community.”

In response, Tarrio says he was attacked, and made to feel like “an African American in the Jim Crow South.”

“Obama abandoned the black and Latino community,” said Tarrio. “He came to my town and I went to express myself only to spit on, punched, attacked by the Gillum/Obama horde.”

Engels quickly followed, telling Obama that he “belongs in jail.”

He was quickly removed, being “viciously dragged” from the event by an “unmarked security force, as police stod by and did nothing.” But he doesn’t regret his actions.

“Former President Obama allowed the illegal surveillance of a candidate for President,” Engels told Big League Politics. “That’s not America. That’s what you see happening in third world countries under vicious dictators. He must be prosecuted and punished.”

Engels also went after Obama for the failure that was his eight years in office.

“Billions for hostages, expansion of the welfare state, inflamed racial disparities is what he gave us,” Engels said, before giving Obama props for one thing. “Can’t deny his swagger. He can get props for that.”

Tyler Whyte, who was assaulted during the confrontation, told Big League Politics that “the hatred and quick turn to violence among the left is frightening. Another day of being assaulted for speaking the truth!”

This confrontation comes just days before the general election where Gillum will face former Rep. Ron DeSantis, who is endorsed by President Donald Trump.

The race is currently neck-and-neck, but a number of last-minute scandals hitting Gillum are proving to help DeSantis, who is rising in the polls.

If you want to follow any future developments on the “Truth Tour,” follow @JacobEngels and @whytekyron Twitter. 

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