‘You F*cking Colonizer’: Portland Man Screams At Leftist White Woman Over Traffic Incident

Is the left beginning to eat itself? A screaming argument broke out in the streets of Portland, Oregon after a man mercilessly confronted a left-wing white woman, calling her a “f*cking colonizer” numerous times. The “colonizer” term is a racist epithet typically used by woke political activists as a slur to link modern American whites with European settlers who conquered indigenous lands hundreds of years in the past.

The Post Millennial contributor Katie Daviscourt shared a video of the heated incident showing the two arguing in the middle of the road as the man shouted insults to the woman such as “YOU WHITE LADY” and “You f*cking colonizer.”

The woman can be seen in the video scolding the man for allegedly cutting her off on the road. “We don’t drive this way in Oregon,” she told the man. “We’re f*cking kind and we make space.”

“She told me to go back to where I came from,” the man announced publicly. “I’m Native American.”

“I’m talking about your driving habits,” the leftist white lady corrected the man. “I’m so tired of people driving like you just did.” She then chastisted the man’s decision to invoke the race card, saying, “admit that you’re f*cking wrong and that it’s not a race thing!”

“Admit you’re white!” yelled the heavyset man. “You have a colonizer mindset.”

“It’s not about race,” she said, before adding, “don’t pull the race card,” and “You’re taking out your pain and aggression on me right now.”

The two continued going back and forth, before the man began to rant even more furiosly.

“It’s not on me to change it’s on you and your colonizer mindset,” the man yelled. “So get the f*ck out of my face now!” He continued to scream, “NOW, YOU WHITE LADY! YOU WHITE LADY!”

“I’m as angry as you are,” the woman said in what appeared to be an attempt to sympathize with the race-focused man. “Then get out of my face because I’m done with conversation, you f*cking colonizer,” snapped the man in response, before adding, “I’m not taking any f*cking directions from a white lady.”

“You don’t know the pain of my people,” the man could be seen yelling at the white woman in another Twitter clip. “I hope you go back to Europe, you b*tch.”

Our video concludes with the woman returning to her stickered-out car, featuring adhesives reading “LOVE,” “GO TO THE TREES,” and “VISUALIZE WORLD PEACH.”

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