Young American Nationalists Announce Launch of “The Bull Moose Project” with Ultimate Goal of Reforming GOP Along Populist Lines

Young America First patriots are continuing to ramp up their involvement in the fight to save our country.

The Bull Moose Project is a recently launched political action committee composed of “a handful of young Americans orchestrating the populist takeover of the Republican Party,” according to the group’s Twitter bio.

“For too long the Republican Party has only listened to the donor class of America, our goal is to make them listen to their voters instead,” reads their ‘About Us’ page. “For too long, our party has sold out to donors who can use their influence to create policy that puts working class Americans last. The Bull Moose Project says no more.”

The name of the political action committee was inspired by the nickname of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1908. Like Roosevelt himself, The Bull Moose Project is staunchly patriotic and stands for a fair free market and conservationism.

“America First means exactly what it sounds like. Put America, and her people first, not corporations, nor foreign countries,” their website reads. “It means protecting her culture, our culture, from hedonism, degeneracy, corporatism, and leftism. That means conserving Christian, American values, not secularist, liberal ones.”

The Bull Moose Project advocates for a “kind, fair, human-centered economy” that isn’t necessarily beholden to “free market dogma,” heavy investment in American towns and cities to improve infrastructure, an increase in marriage and birth rates, and the conservation of America’s natural beauty.

Check out The Bull Moose Project’s website here and follow them on Twitter here.

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