Young America’s Foundation Launches Campaign Against Cancel Culture…Right After Canceling Michelle Malkin!

The Young America’s Foundation, which is the campus arm of Conservative Inc., is leading a campaign against cancel culture. They are posting videos on their social media accounts arguing against the witch hunting phenomenon devised by the left.

One such video features Andrew Klavan of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire blog, and it was published on YAF’s Twitter account on Monday:

However, the organization is engaging in blatant hypocrisy as they recently embarked on a campaign to cancel right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin. Malkin was disavowed after she refused to denigrate paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes and the army of self-described Groypers who have gained fame for questioning Conservative Inc. talking heads at campus events.

In addition to throwing Malkin under the bus, YAF also demonized the Proud Boys for fighting back against ANTIFA thugs in their disingenuous and cowardly statement that is an example of cancel culture at its worst. Two Proud Boys members were recently sentenced to years in prison for self-defense in the New York City streets against ANTIFA terrorists. Controlled opposition groups like YAF have not uttered a peep in their defense for standing on the front lines against the leftist threat.

Malkin was removed from the YAF speaker docket because of a controversial speech that she gave on Nov. 14 to their group on the UCLA campus. In the speech, she encouraged young conservatives to be emboldened in pushing back against Conservative Inc.

“Here’s my message to the new generation of America Firsters exposing the big lies of the anti-American open borders establishment and its controlled opposition operatives: If I was your mom, I’d be proud as hell,” Malkin said in her torch-passing speech.

“I want you to know that you are not alone. It’s important for you to know that not everyone who belongs to generations older than you has sat idly by while America rotted from the inside. Not all Gen Xers and Boomers are mindlessly stupefied by the bread and circuses entertainment dished out by so-called conservative media. Not all of us have occupied ourselves solely with “owning libs” and reciting clunky MAGA rap anthems while America crumbles,” she added.

The gatekeeper class of the Right now wants President Donald Trump to join in the corporate-backed witch hunt against his own constituents in the name of political correctness.

Conservative Inc. is terrified about the growing insurgency against their stale brand of politics that are dictated by special interests. Astroturfed groups like YAF, while they claim to oppose cancel culture, have far more in common with the Southern Poverty Law Center than they do with “America First” patriots.

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