Young Black Male Admits to Killing the 2 Mothers of His Children

Davone Unique Anderson, a 25-year-old African American male confessed to killing the two mothers of his children during an interview with police at the Cumberland County Prison in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

He admitted to shooting and killing Sydney Parmelee at a home in Carlisle on July 5 because he suspected her of cheating on him, according to a report from Detectives Christopher Miller and Antanine Klinger.

Additionally, Anderson informed the detectives that he killed Kaylee Lyons, who was six weeks pregnant, at the same home. A firearm was found close to the murder scene at Lyon’s home.

Police came to the conclusion that the pistol used to kill Parmelee was stolen from Boiling Springs.

Miller and Klinger recounted that while in the Cumberland County Prison on July 31, a day following Lyons’ death, “Anderson made an excited utterance to a correction officer that he ‘killed them both’.” In addition, the investigators also said that Anderson told detectives “I killed Sydney” and “I killed Kaylee, too.”

Anderson said he killed Parmelee “due to his belief of infidelity” and shot Lyons because he believes that she would call law enforcement on him, the officers noted. They said Anderson confessed to murdering Parmelee with the stolen firearm from Boiling Spring and of shooting Lyons with her own handgun.

Anderson wasn’t allowed to possess firearms because of a 2017 drug conviction, which is the standard for American gun control law. Anderson received two counts of first-degree murder, one count of murder of an unborn child, on top of counts of illegally possessing firearms, receiving stolen property, and child endangerment.

According to a post from an anonymous post from VDARE, Parmelee frequently posted on Facebook on how proud she was to have a child with Anderson.

Tragically, Anderson was not on the same page and committed heinous acts against innocent women.

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