YouTube and Twitter CENSOR Michelle Malkin Interview With Women Who Support Religious and Philosophical Exemptions From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

YouTube and Twitter have censored a Michelle Malkin interview in which she speaks to two women fighting for the right to claim a religious or philosophical exemption from COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

YouTube informed Malkin Friday morning that her interview—recorded with Robyn Charron and Holly Calvert in June 2020, almost one full year ago—violated their “medical misinformation policy.”

“We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all,” their patronizing message reads. “If content breaks our rules, we remove it.”

YouTube added that they don’t allow people to post claims about COVID-19 vaccines which “contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).”

Malkin also discovered Friday morning that Twitter banned the link to the BitChute version of her interview. When she tried to tweet the link she received an error message that read: “Something went wrong, but don’t fret—let’s give it another shot.”

“Twitter seems to have a nice arrangement w/ Google/YouTube to squash competition & squelch dissent. I am forbidden from sharing my @bitchute channel links because Twitter & its partners have identified them as ‘harmful.’ TRUTH IS HARMFUL TO LIARS & MANIPULATORS,” she tweeted.

The link to Malkin’s forbidden interview is here. Watch it, give it a thumbs up, and follow her on Gab if you haven’t already.

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