YouTube Censors Congressional Candidate’s Commentary on Jeffrey Epstein

Congressional candidate Joey “Salads” Saladino has become a victim of YouTube thought policing.

After posting a video about the controversial nature of child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s reported suicide, Saladino was flagged for posting a video that violated YouTube’s hate speech policies. His video titled, “Jeffrey Epstein Suicide, Conspiracy?” was ultimately removed from the social media platform.

On Twitter, Salads stated, “Talking about the Jeffery Epstein Suicide Conspiracy is hate speech? It has also resulted in a strike on my channel. The plot thickens.”


While corresponding with BLP, the Saladino campaign provided more context to this incident.

Joseph Saladino aka Joey Salads commented on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, accused serial pedophile with ultra powerful connections to global elites – including politicians like the Clintons, academics like Dershowitz and Pinker, and royalty such as Prince Andrew of the House of Windsor.

Additionally, the campaign believes that conventional narratives of events should always be questioned.

The Saladino campaign thinks it’s perfectly legitimate to speculate about the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who would have extremely powerful friends. We are disappointed he couldn’t suffer the wrath of corporeal justice but burning in hell will have to do. We stand by the speculation and we hope this makes people hold a more critical view of international elites.

Unlike most candidates, Saladino is willing to question official narratives and shake things up. As the first YouTuber running for Congress in the U.S., Saladino has broken an important barrier in 21st century politics in America.

Even though his campaign has encountered a road bump with this incident, Saladino plans on maintaining his course and positioning himself as the America First alternative in New York’s 11th District.

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