YouTube Censors Lauren Southern’s New Documentary Exposing Illegal Immigration

Journalist Lauren Southern is under the gun from Big Brother after releasing her new documentary, Borderless. YouTube has made her video unavailable for viewers to watch on the platform.

This blatant censorship followed many problems she had with the initial uploading the documentary, as the Google-owned platform clearly does not want her pro-border message to be heard.

“On release day the film wouldn’t play in the back end—so we uploaded another version. This version uploaded and processed, we could watch it and we set it to premiere. Suddenly the movie began to process again and stopped in time for the premiere,” Southern told Human Events.

“So when the time set for the premiere rolled around we waited and—nothing. Thirty minutes of ‘premiere starting shortly’ we hit publish. The film went live but wouldn’t show up on the channel, nor would it show up in people’s subscription area,” she added.

Because of the problems, most of Southern’s large subscriber base of 700,000 were not notified of the video’s release.

“There were no notifications and when shared or added to lists the video would simply say ‘video deleted’. Video also has been stuck continually on 1 view and only available by searching ‘Borderless’ specifically or using the direct link,” Southern said.

After these problems, YouTube just pulled the plug on the video entirely so its message criticizing the United Nations-driven migrant industry could not be transmitted. Southern is the latest victim of the Orwellian nightmare.

“[Borderless is] a completely fair, reasonable and balanced movie highlighting human trafficking and people smuggling on the ground in 9 countries. It could be argued this is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the issue. No ‘hate speech’, no opinions, just raw footage from on the ground. And it was taken down,” Southern said.

Southern has uploaded a backup version of her documentary which is still available to view, but may not be accessible for much longer. She has been profiled by leftist fake news outlets like Buzzfeed, the New York Times, and The Guardian as a target for potential censorship based on her immigration wrong-think.

The globalists, aided by Big Brother tech firms, will continue to obscure the truth regarding the real dangers and costs of third-world migration upon the West – even if it means crushing digital freedom to do so.

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