YouTube Places Phony Snopes “Fact Check” On Joe Biden Search Results Claiming He Opposes Banning Fracking

YouTube has implemented a “fact check” box on search results regarding Joe Biden’s policy positions towards fracking.

The “independent fact check” can be seen when anyone searches for “Joe Biden Fracking Ban” on YouTube.

The USA bogus “fact check” is in itself “misinformation.” Joe Biden does support banning fracking. He wants to outlaw any new fracking natural gas extraction projects. This would ensure the fracking industry itself would eventually die, as petroleum can only be extracted from existing fracking sites for so long.

Biden has increasingly claimed that he’s not for banning fracking, a petroleum extraction technique that is practiced in pivotal swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has spoken about “transitioning away” from fossil fuels, and responded in the affirmative to a question about banning fracking. His Vice President, Kamala Harris, has spoken openly and more enthusiastically about banning fracking.

This is little more than a political ad- a false one- for the Democrat. YouTube is now in the business of providing in-kind editorial contributions to Joe Biden

Big Tech totalitarian oligarchs need to be stripped of every ounce of power they possess immediately after the election.

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