YouTube Purges Joe Rogan Interview With mRNA Inventor Robert Malone

Big Tech monopoly YouTube has removed Joe Rogan’s interview of Robert Malone, a man widely considered the inventor of the mRNA technology utilized in several of the coronavirus vaccines.

Malone is a skeptic of universal vaccination, instead advocating that smaller demographics should receive the medicine than the broader public.

Malone’s full interview with Rogan is still available on free speech streaming platform Rumble. Segments of Rogan’s interview with Malone were purged from the Google-owned platform on Saturday. The full interview hadn’t been uploaded on the platform, with Rogan taken to uploading full shows of his program on Spotify.

Malone had been suspended from Twitter last week, with the platform accusing the former US Army and Harvard virologist of spreading misinformation related to the coronavirus. Malone has recently focused on opposing vaccine mandates targeting children, who have an even more robust immune system than adults and who almost never die from the coronavirus. Malone has pointed to what he says are negative medical side effects some have received as a result of the vaccines.

Speaking with Rogan, Malone had accused American society of developing a “mass formation psychosis” regarding vaccination and coronavirus, comparing the country to Nazi Germany.

When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.

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