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YouTube Strikes Musician’s Original Work, Grants Claim To Sketchy Colombian ‘Label’



YouTube Demonetizes TheFatRat

The embattled Big Tech Giant is facing backlash from content creators and fans after allowing a Colombian record label to claim copyright ownership of an artist’s original work.

YouTube artist TheFatRat says the platform is allowing Ramjets Group, a possibly fictitious record label in Medellín, Colombia, to claim copyright ownership of a two year old song created entirely by the artist. After attempting to explain his ownership of the music to YouTube, the company denied his appeal, and proceeded to give all future money made from the video to Ramjets Group.

Ramjets Group, the entity responsible for the complaint, describes itself as a record label with 11-50 employees located in Colombia. Google Maps reveals the address posted to the company’s LinkedIn to be a garbage strewn residential street in a poor part of the city, and the company’s Twitter account was only used twice in 2014, when its LinkedIn suggests it was founded.

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TheFatRat took to Twitter to express his frustration with the situation “Are you f*cking kidding me YouTube,” he wrote, “This is my f*cking song!”

In a series of followup tweets, the artist revealed he is exploring the situation with his legal team, as YouTube says it will not assist in further mediation of the copyright dispute.

TheFatRat also expressed his frustration with YouTube, calling the platform’s attitude “mind blowing”, and describing the company’s copyright policy as anti-content creator.

The YouTube video, “The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)”, was released in 2016, and was monetized by TheFatRat until this copyright strike. Laura Brehm, who provided vocals for the track, praised top YouTube content creator PewDiePie on Twitter for bringing attention to the issue.

PewDiePie described the situation on his YouTube channel, and revealed several of his own experiences with the YouTube copyright system.

“This has happened to me as well,” said PewDiePie, “I literally just sang a song, Despacito, and lost all revenue on a video for doing that.”

PewDiePie and YouTube have made headlines over the last week, after Buzzfeed and a coalition of other media companies claimed the most popular YouTube creator used the platform to guide children to smaller, anti-Semitic YouTube channels, and shamed YouTube for allowing this to happen.

This led one high school teacher to warn students that merely sharing PewDiePie’s content could land them in legal trouble, and to Alex Jones issuing a command for all InfoWarriors to subscribe to PewDiePie on YouTube.


CONFIRMED: Facebook Used to Organize ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter ‘Protest’ That Resulted in the Shooting of a Motorist

This terrorist violence was organized courtesy of Facebook.



Tech giant Facebook provided the platform that allowed ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists to foment a riot in Provo, Utah that resulted in gunfire striking one unfortunate motorist who encountered the mob.

Far Left Watch made the discovery that Facebook allowed the terrorists to collaborate and promote violence on their platform:

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The organizers of the event, the Salt Lake City Antifascist Coalition, used a Malcolm X quote that explicitly endorses gun violence: “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.” It seems one of their activists took that message to heart when he picked up a gun and fired it at an unsuspecting motorist, wounding him. The Facebook event page has been archived here.

The ANTIFA organizers urged participants to “come stand with us” and refuse to accept blatant acts of “discrimination, racism, and unethical acts toward people of color.” They also advised demonstrators to “please wear all black,” “wear your masks,” “bring water,” and “wear protective eye gear if you got it.” They scheduled the event to challenge peaceful pro-police protesters with violent and combative street action.

Big League Politics reported on the ANTIFA/BLM terrorist who has been charged for shooting the motorist in the streets of Provo:

A Utah man has been arrested and charged with attempted aggravated murder following a shooting incident at a rioter’s roadblock where a man was caught on camera firing two shots at a motorist crossing through the formation.

Jesse Taggart, 33, was arrested and charged Tuesday with attempted aggravated murder, aggravated assault, rioting, and firing a weapon near a highway.

Journalist Andy Ngo has reported that Taggart’s social media accounts are filled with content in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Footage of the event in question reveals a man firing two shots from a semiautomatic pistol at a motorist who was inching through an illegal roadblock set up by Black Lives Matter protestors.

Reports indicate that an unnamed victim was in fact shot during the rioting event, a 60-year old man who is currently being treated at an area hospital for his injuries.

John Geyerman, deputy chief of the Provo Police Department, summarized Taggart’s alleged crimes. “The male protester ran toward the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver, and shot one round through the window. The driver, who was struck by the bullet, accelerated, trying to leave the situation. The same protester ran after the vehicle and fired a second shot that went through the rear passenger window.”

By refusing to ban ANTIFA and BLM thugs from their platform, Facebook is condoning and sharing in the responsibility for the explosion of left-wing terrorism that is overtaking America.

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