YouTube Unpersons Religious Commentator E. Michael Jones

On July 6, 2020, religious commentator E. Michael Jones was suspended on Twitter.

He tweeted, “We all knew this day was coming… YouTube has finally banned my account, deleting hundreds of videos, millions of views, and 60.7k subscribers… gone in an instant. They can try to censor me, but nobody can censor Logos. Jesus Christ did not need YouTube to spread the word.”

Michael Jones has been one of the more intriguing members of the Dissident Right. His content has shed light on the Left’s relentless push to bring social degeneracy into everyday aspects of Americans’ lives. Such sacraments of our political correctness civic religion are fervently protected by the political establishment.

When certain individuals like Jones challenge them, they are generally demonized. After some time, they eventually get ostracized.

The good news is that Jones can still be followed on BitChute, where his content can still be accessed without having social media hall monitors come in and try to censor his work.


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