YouTuber and Congressional Candidate Joseph Saladino Condemns Opponent’s Amnesty Vote

YouTuber and now congressional candidate for New York’s 11th district, Joey Saladino condemns incumbent Max Rose’s vote for a mass amnesty bill.

According to Saladino, the bill that the Democratic incumbent voted for, H.R. 6, would “hand over citizenship to over 3 million illegal aliens, an additional 1% population increase to the United States before accounting for new illegal and legal immigration over the next few years.”

Saladino also noted that this immigration expansion would create a massive fiscal burden for America.

With about half of legal immigrant households being on state or Federal welfare, and illegals participating in very low skilled labor, the future financial burden on the United States will greatly exceed the $35 Billion number thrown about by immigration critics and will increase with each passing generation.

The Republican candidate for New York’s 11th district described Rose’s vote for mass amnesty as a form of “Xenophilic Tokenism” designed to “appease his corporate masters.” He even added that “people aren’t assimilating anymore”, noting a global trend of migrants not adapting well to their new host countries.

Saladino also understands the bigger political play behind Rose’s vote, which in his view is a “desperate” attempt to “manufacture a new voting block to retain his seat, by promising to sell out everything dear to Americans.”

Better known by his YouTube persona, Joey Salads, Saladino has shaken things up in the 2020 election.

BLP reported on Saladino’s campaign and how he has positioned himself as the working class and small business candidate for New York’s 11th district.

Saladino’s campaign believes that his success as a YouTube personality will have great carryover onto the campaign trail.

Joseph Saladino wants to apply his working class, New York City values to work in Congress and use his voice, a reach of over 10 million followers and 1 billion views per year on social media, to work for New York District 11. He will stand up for the American values that built New York and the people who live in the district and be their voice in 2020 and beyond.

The press release can be read in further detail here:

Saladino for Congress

Saladino’s campaign is one of the more interesting developments in the 2020 election cycle. Win or lose, Saladino has opened the floodgates for future YouTubers and social media personalities to throw their hats in the political ring.

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