‘YRNF Ascend’ Launches to Challenge Culture of Corruption Within Young Republicans Leadership

A newly-formed group of insurgent Young Republican activists is challenging the corrupt pay-to-play leadership of the fledgling Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), which is under turmoil due to the derelict actions of Chairman Rick “Dark Money” Loughery.

The organization, YRNF Ascend, aims to put in a leadership team that is responsive to membership, focused around building an America First activist base nationwide, and rejects the grifting apparatus that enriches entrenched leadership and a handful of cronies at the expense of the federation.

The coalition is led by Jessi Blakely, an accomplished Young Republican activist who aims to become the Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation in their next election.

“I deeply love YRNF and want to see its legacy preserved and its opportunities carried on to every young conservative in our nation who wants to change the world,” Blakely wrote.

“Last year, I helped build a coalition to recruit more than 20 candidates in Virginia’s toughest districts. I campaigned for Young Republicans seeking election for both public and party office, resulting in over 30% of Virginia’s Central Committee seats held by YRs and a growing caucus in state government. I’ve volunteered on campaigns from the local to the Presidential level, built training and fundraising programs for my Federation, and helped prove Virginia is not a lost cause for Republicans,” she continued.

“During my time in the YRs, I’ve served as a club Vice Chair, local club Chairman, National Committeewoman, State Chairman, and in 2020 was chosen as a Trump Delegate to represent my district– the youngest in Virginia!” Blakely added.

Blakely believes she is the leader needed to restore the reputation of the Young Republicans after it was severely tarnished by Loughery.

“While working alongside Young Republicans across the country, I’ve heard the desire for a state-focused YRNF, listening to your needs, helping you respond to the unique challenges your Federations face, and building resources and opportunities that can be shared with every Young Republican across our nation. When a group of State Chairs asked me to run for YRNF Chairman, I listened and started building a team,” she said. “YRNF Ascend isn’t about me, it’s about every one of you and it’s about every bright eyed young conservative who has a vision for a better America and wants to get to work. Join our coalition, and we’ll take YRNF to the next level, together.”

Big League Politics has reported on the usurpation of the Young Republicans by self-serving leadership figures who are running a slush fund to undermine the organization’s charter for personal gain:

Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF) chairman Rick Loughery founded a dark money 501c4 organization that is aggressively usurping the legitimate functions of the YRNF without approval from its membership.

Loughery with help from the YRNF general counsel, Ross Wolfe, founded YRs Run, a nonprofit organization based out of Pennsylvania, in order to exert authority over the Young Republicans without having to follow the YRNF’s bylaws or reporting requirements.

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