Yuma, Arizona Mayor Declares State of Emergency as 6,000+ Illegals Swamp Porous Border

The mayor of Yuma, Arizona has declared a state of emergency as his city is overwhelmed by illegal aliens, with sources confirming that more than 6,000 illegal border crossers have passed through the city over the course of this week. Under the Biden administration, illegal immigrants generally expect to be processed for government programs by Border Patrol before being released to the public and flown around the country.

Caravans of illegal immigrants have set their sights on Arizona after the standoff at the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas, under the impression they’ll be more quickly released into the US homeland in the border state.

In a statement, Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls indicated that existing medical facilities in the city had been overwhelmed by the surge of illegals. Agriculture in the city has also been negatively affected, with border crossers traveling through fields of crops and causing damage for property owners in rural Arizona.

Customs and Border Patrol have indicated that the numbers of illegals entering the Tucson Sector has massively increased by a margin 2647% since October, with millions of people responding to a de facto invitation on the part of President Joe Biden for free healthcare, housing, public assistance, welfare, jobs and education in the United States, all paid for by the middle-class taxpayer.

Under President Donald Trump, apprehensions of illegal aliens on Arizona’s southern border reached an all time low, the flow cut off through the President’s border wall and ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policies. Under Biden, the United States has set an all-time record for yearly illegal immigration, with the administration more focused on providing new residency and benefits programs for illegals than fulfilling its obligation to secure the border and end illegal immigration.

Speaking exclusively to Big League Politics, Arizona Attorney General candidate Andrew Gould has pledged to build a ‘legal wall’ on the state’s international border in a fashion similar to that of Texas. This would entail trespassing prosecutions for illegal immigrants who travel through private lands, deterring illegals with the prospect of several months of jail time.

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