ZUCKED: Facebook Gave Left Wing Media Advanced Notice of Infowars, Loomer, Yiannopoulos Bans

Facebook Advanced Notice Ban

Big League Politics has confirmed that Facebook gave establishment media, including The Atlantic, advanced notice of their plan to ban Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos from Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook sent an embargoed press release to The Atlantic, and other outlets likely including The Washington Post, The Verge and CNN, informing these mainstream media outlets of their intention to ban Jones, Watson, Loomer, and Yiannopoulos from Facebook and Instagram for being “dangerous” and “hate figures” well in advance of the actual bans.

Taylor Lorenz from The Atlantic confirmed that they received the embargoed press release, as did “tons of media outlets”, in a direct message sent on Twitter to Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca, claiming this is something Facebook does as many as “20 times a week.” She then blocked D’Abrosca from sending further messages on the platform.

Lorenz did not confirm whether the Facebook employee who sent the embargoed press release is the same point of contact, Sarah Pollack, who later supplied Big League Politics with further details surrounding the Facebook ban. Pollack also declined to clearly state whether she sent the press release to the various major media outlets when asked by Big League Politics earlier today.

Sources from two major conservative media outlets also confirmed to Big League Politics that they did not receive the embargo, despite reaching tens of millions of people every month and having existed for decades.

This is likely what caused many establishment media outlets to report on the censorship wave well in advance of the actual bans, which gave many of those now purged the opportunity to inform their fans of their coming censorship and encourage fans to follow them on other platforms.

An anonymous source has suggested Facebook likely concocted its plan to ban Jones as early as last Monday, April 29, when he and various other individuals unaffiliated with Jones or Infowars were no longer allowed to stream Infowars content to Facebook using their personal accounts.

While Facebook has not confirmed or denied having an official relationship with the legally embattled Southern Poverty Law Center, the organization took credit for Facebook’s decision to ban the “hate figures” last week, something that raises concern considering Facebook suggested Jones’ decision to interview Gavin McInnes on his show is part of what led to Facebook’s decision to ban him.

McInnes is currently suing the SPLC for its decision to name him a “hate figure”, which he believes is why he was deplatformed across social media and why his associates have been shut out of major financial systems.

In addition to banning Jones, Facebook may now ban any user who posts videos featuring Jones, or links to websites including his broadcasts or videos.

Facebook’s unwillingness to explicitly condemn the SPLC may serve as a de facto endorsement of the culture of misogyny and racism garnered by the organization prior to the termination or resignation of several major individuals.

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