Zuckerberg’s $400M “Donation” FOR BIDEN

Zuckerberg’s $400M “Donation” FOR BIDEN

According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg donated large sums of money during the 2020 election, with most of his contributions going to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). An organization that provides grants to fund local elections.

Zuckerberg’s donation is said to have had a significant impact on the election, with many Biden supporters crediting the Facebook CEO for helping to push Biden over the edge.

There are some who argue that Zuckerberg’s donation was actually a way of hedging his bets, as it’s likely that Facebook would benefit from a Biden presidency.


Zuckerberg’s $400M “Donation” FOR BIDEN


Zuckerberg originally justified these donations by saying he was bolstering alternative voting methods because of COVID-19. But, as many were quick to notice, the CTCL is not a public health group, it is an election group with its own political agenda.

For example, The CTCL is known to favor Democrats over Republicans when comparing donation amounts. Citizens United president David Bossie found that 92% of the CTCL 160 largest grants went to Biden counties.

Newly retrieved emails reveal the CTCL and local election officials never discussed COVID-19, but instead, spoke about equipment purchases and mail sorters.

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman said Zuckerberg may have attempted to help address COVID-19 at first, but changed this goal somewhere along the way. A clear “bait and switch.”

Gableman said, “somewhere along the line, the evidence is showing that there may very well have been a bait and switch.”


“The bait was to keep citizens safe from COVID, but then it switched — it may very well have switched — to a partisan ‘get out the vote’ effort on behalf of Joe Biden for the purpose of defeating Donald Trump,” he continued.

Republicans are focusing in on Zuckerberg’s $400 million in grants, with at least 28 states now working on bills to prevent future private grants for elections.

The bill sponsors, whom are backed by Heritage Action, say that this effort is part of a broader push for tighter election laws and minimizing the power of private influences on elections.

During a bill-signing in Florida, Sunshine State Governor Ron DeSantis said Zuckerberg’s money should not be allowed anymore. As it is “basically commandeering the machinery of the elections.”

It’s worth noting that Zuckerberg has shared his support for publicly funding elections before, stating, “To be clear, I agree with those who say that government should have provided these funds, not private citizens.”

“I hope that for future elections the government provides adequate funding. But absent that funding, I think it’s critical that this urgent need is met,” he wrote in a Facebook post in October 2020.

It is clear that Zuckerberg’s $400 million contribution had a significant impact on the outcome of the 2020 election. Whether or not this was intentional.

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