10 Charged with Burglary in Looting of Milwaukee Sneaker Store

Ten people have been arrested and charged in the mass looting of a Milwaukee sneaker store, which occurred in the wake of the nationwide race riots sweeping across the country in response to the death of George Floyd.

Nine men and one woman have been charged with burglary of a building for their role in the May 25th looting.

The accused are, with respective charges:

-Terry Gilbert, 26, burglary-building or dwelling
-Lamont Nelson, 48, burglary-building or dwelling
-Samuel Daniels, 18, burglary-building or dwelling
-Desmond Givens, 18, burglary-building or dwelling, identity theft-obtain money or credit
-Marcus Coleman, 31, burglary-building or dwelling
-Isaiah Allen, 26, burglary-building or dwelling
-Octavian Miller, 26, burglary-building or dwelling, as party to a crime
-Jerry Burks, 25, burglary-building or dwelling
-Marissa Jones, 19, burglary-building or dwelling
-Amondre Brooks, 18, burglary-building or dwelling, as party to a crime

Surveillance camera footage reveals a mob of looters swarming the shoe store, Trend Benderz, and clearing out the establishment’s inventory of sneakers.

“Everything here was full. Everything has been taken out. All my tables are empty,” said Sam Ramahi, the owner of the business. “So far, we are estimating damage with inventory anywhere between $600,000 to $700,000.” Ramahi states that it only took the mob of looters 15 minutes to completely clear out the store’s inventory.

Reporting from Fox 32 Milwaukee indicates that at least one federal police officer observed the mob of looters descending upon the business, but the crowd was too big for the area law enforcement to prevent the mass theft from the business.

Prosecutors that have filed criminal charges in the case are accusing at least two of the suspected looters of targeting another area business, and at least one other had recently been released from prison.

It remains to be seen how the fast grab of expensive Nikes will secure justice for Floyd.

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