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In a recent interview, Jim Acosta of CNN railed against President Donald Trump's treatment of the media, stating that one of his crazy supporters is going to hurt a member of the media because of it. Acosta stated that much of America don't understand that Trump and his Administrations negative...
He's dropping red pills to an entire generation.
After being ordered to remove military flags, the mayor of Jacksonville stepped in.
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony this week threw a spotlight on the politically correct social media behemoth’s practice of suppressing and marginalizing ideas it doesn’t like. The testimony came less than two months after a Facebook algorithm change crushed engagement rates on conservative groups’ pages. The change...
They have more than doubled their petition goal.
The online petition has nearly 30,000 signatures.
The left responded predictably.
Could meme magic have brought the page back?
Having a Trump supporter in church must have been triggering.
After rendering the page useless, Facebook just decided to remove it all together.
Another conservative page targeted by Facebook.
Being critical of Islam is now a crime apparently.
You better be careful what you post, or you might become the media's next target.
He's going to have a hard time recovering from this...
Mount Holyoke, Mass. -- Gender craziness is on the rise at a traditional all-women's Mount Holyoke College, where teachers are being ordered to avoid using gender-specific terms, reported Fox News. School officials are pushing a manifesto laced with Orwellian speech codes under the guise of promoting a “gender neutral” environment,...
Lake Ingle, the student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania who was barred from his Christianity class for stating that there are only two genders, was welcomed back into class, and cleared of wrongdoing by his University President, Michael Driscoll. 
Following a rash of anti-Trump billboards placed near President Trump's Mar-A-Logo resort in Palm Beach, Florida, a pro-Trump Super PAC has announced they are countering the billboards with a pro-Trump message.
The mother of Stormy Daniels has made it well known that she will continue to stand with the President, stating that “If Mr. Trump runs four more times, I would vote for him every time.”
Katy Perry kissed a boy and he didn't like it. Benjamin Glaze, a 19 year old cashier from Enid, Oklahoma auditioned for American Idol to follow his dreams, and instead got 'sexually assaulted' by pop superstar Katy Perry.
Comedian Owen Benjamin is a rising star in the battle for free speech and common sense. Using comedy as a weapon against left wing thought control, Benjamin has faced major criticism in the entertainment industry. In fact, SJWs in Hollywood have called for him to be blackballed because he dared...
During an interview in India, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump supporters "Didn't like black people getting rights," and that they "don't like women." Clinton didn't provide any proof to back her claims.
The more that we unmask various members of Antifa groups around the nation, the more we confirm what most on the right have suspected - that these groups are dominated by sexually exploitative undesirables.

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