100 ‘Abolish ICE’ Protestors Arrested for Blocking New York Highway

More than 100 leftist ‘demonstrators’ were arrested on Saturday for blocking a major Manhattan highway. The leftists held up the flow of traffic to voice their calls for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the entire immigration law enforcement and detention system.

The West Side Highway was blocked for around two hours by the organized mob, who locked arms and chanted slogans while innocent citizens hoping to return home to their families were forced to wait for the end of their show.

A video of the event revealed the NYPD ordering the disorderly crowd to disperse as they repeated their mantras. Unfortunately, it seems to have taken the police force about an hour to disperse the mob and re-open one of the city’s most heavily trafficked roadways to civilian traffic.

The flow of traffic stood at a complete standstill as the progressives mouthed off, free to carry on with their stunt as police megaphones politely requested that they disperse.

Eventually, the road-blockers were taken into police custody.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie became the subject of a massive national scandal when corrupt bureaucrats blocked an interstate bridge. It appears similar, more blatant actions by progressive demonstrators will be largely met with indifference.

It’s possible the NYPD simply was afraid to enforce the law against the progressives, fearful of facing institutional consequences from the city’s left-wing political establishment.

Police officials have claimed that the approximately 100 arrested will face disorderly conduct charges, but until the city’s legal system actually follows through on the prosecution of the traffic blockers, many doubt city prosecutors will actually enact legal sanctions on the leftists for their action.

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