Pelosi claims that Americans do not understand Biden’s achievements, gets roasted

RNC accuses Pelosi of calling the American people ‘ignorant’

When asked about the economic pessimism that has been reflected in multiple polls in recent months, Pelosi told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, “I think tonight is going to be very important, because for people to appreciate what the president has done, and working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is.”

Several Twitter users criticized Pelosi’s comment, including a Twitter account affiliated with the Republican National Committee, which claimed Pelosi was calling Americans dissatisfied with the president “ignorant.”

“An elitist millionaire hypocrite, in love with parading her false virtue, peddling lies to the emotionally fragile lib masses, while always exempting herself from the negative consequences of policies she pushes,” radio host and former CIA analyst Buck Sexton tweeted. “Pelosi in so many ways is the archetype of a Democrat.”

“Again the Democrats fall back on the lie they tell themselves that they’re unpopular only because they haven’t communicated well enough,” Former Trump communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted. “In fact, the people are well aware of what Biden has done. And they see the results of the policies. That’s why Biden is unpopular.”

Despite a recent poll showing that only 31% of Americans are satisfied with the direction the nation is heading, Vice President Joe Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address tonight. The poll also found that 58% of respondents said the country is in worse shape today than it was a year ago.

On Voters view the economy as excellent or good in 24% of cases, down from 29% earlier in Biden’s term (April 2021). Seventy-six percent of those surveyed said economic conditions were fair or poor.

In terms of individuals, 50% think they have less money in their pocket than a year ago. One in four people, 14 percent, say they have more cash, while 36 percent say there is no difference.  Among those who say they have been hit hardest are working class whites (60%), rural voters (58%), independents (54%), suburban women (52%), and voters with incomes under $50K (52%). 

In Additionally, the majority say higher grocery prices (77%), gas prices (72%), and utility prices (70%) are a financial hardship for their families.  Although fewer than half (57%) say increasing housing costs are a hardship, still a majority agrees.

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