160 Key Monuments of American History Were Taken Away from Public Spaces in 2020

2020 was a bad year for those who cherish the history of the American South.

According to data from the Southern Poverty Law Center, at least 160 public Confederate symbols were moved or taken down from public venues last year. 

The law center currently maintains a raw count of approximately 2,100 buildings, public parks, statues, and symbols that commemorate the Confederacy. The SPLC released its most recent figures from its Whose Heritage? Earlier this week..

The left-wing hate group has been keeping track of the radical Left’s efforts to remove monuments since 2015, following the controversial Charleston massacre, which the Left has exploited ever since.

“These racist symbols only serve to uphold revisionist history and the belief that white supremacy remains morally acceptable,” declared Lecia Brooks, SPLC chief of staff. “This is why we believe that all symbols of white supremacy should be removed from public spaces.”

According to the SPLC, 704 Confederate monuments are still in place. Taking down such monuments will prove to be difficult given that states such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee already have laws that protect them from removal.

The removal of monuments is one of the latest leftist hysterias that kicked off after the death of George Floyd. The Confederate monuments are just the start. Based on the logic the Left is using these days — one that attacks all White Americans — all artifacts of pre-Civil Rights Revolution USA are now fair game for removal.

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