17 Million Firearms Were Sold in the United States During 2022

According to a report from SafeHome.org, Americans bought 17.4 million guns in 2022. In a similar vein, roughly 1.4 million firearms have been sold each month in 2023 thus far.  

SafeHome used FBI data from National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks to come to these figures. Additionally, ever “long gun and handgun check was counted as 1.1 sales,” while also counting a multiple gun NICS check as two sales per AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News. NICS checks carried out for concealed carry permits and other non-sale issues were not counted in these figures.

According to SafeHome’s methods, three states–California, Florida, and Texas– experienced over a million guns sold. Texas was the state with the most firearms sold.

1,063,033 firearms were sold in California, 1,304,362 were sold in Florida, and 1,452,990 were sold in Texas.

On a per capita basis, Alaska was the leader  with 872 guns sold per 10,000 residents that are the ages of 21 or older. Montana was in second place with 830 per 10,000 residents ages 21 or older and Wyoming came in third place with 806.

All in all, Americans are still buying guns in droves, something that greatly angers the corporate media. Gun culture is deeply so ingrained in America that gun control will not be an easy political feat to pull off. 

Nevertheless, gun owners should not remain complacent. They should continue being vigilant, and more importantly, start mounting offensives to restore gun rights.

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