2 Men Are Arrested Again After being Released from Jail under California’s Lax Bail Order

Two men who were set free from jails in California due to the Wuhan virus outbreak were arrested again and accused of committing crimes not long after being released, according to law enforcement reports.

On April 22, 2020, Rocky Lee Music was charged with carjacking a driver on April 19, 2020 about 40 minutes after he was released from Santa Rita Jail in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda County authorities reported.

The Sheriff’s Office revealed that the jail has experienced 16 inmates test positive for the Wuhan virus.

On April 22, Owen Aguilar was charged with setting off nine fires in a timespan of less than a week after being set free from the Fresno County Jail.

Due an emergency order issued by the state Judicial Council, which cut bail to zero for individuals charged with low-level offenses, thousands of inmates have been released from county jails across California since April 13.

This order had the alleged aim of trying to quell the spread of the virus in congested prisons.

The judicial order will likely continue for 90 days after Governor Gavin Newsom deactivates a statewide stay-at-home order.

Many people have questioned the merits of such criminal justice reform policies and the kind of threats they pose to public order.

KTLA 5 reported another horror story of an individual released without bail and the subsequent crime he would commit:

Early this month, a man charged with a series of school burglaries in Fremont was released without bail, then rearrested and accused of another spate of crimes in Santa Clara County that included stealing 23 cars from a San Jose car rental agency with the help of three other people, police said. All four were arrested on April 16, booked and then released on zero bail, authorities said.

More and more Americas are becoming skeptical about the merits of so-called “criminal justice reform.”

Due to the perverse incentives it generates, criminal justice reform turns our streets into criminal safe spaces.

Even worse, a global pandemic is not keeping social radicals from trying to implement these policies.

So, Americans in certain parts of the country will have to be putting with potential increases in crime and economic uncertainty.

Not a good look.

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