2024 Defense Budget is Close to $900 Billion

For Fiscal Year 2024, the Biden regime is requesting Congress to approve a  $886.4 billion military budget. According to Dave DeCamp of Antiwar.com, $842 billion of this budget will go to the Pentagon.

The rest of it will be allocated towards  other federal agencies’ military spending, which includes the Energy Department’s nuclear weapons program.

DeCamp noted that “Congress could easily bring the 2024 NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] to over $900 billion, closing in on the $1 trillion mark”. The NDAAs don’t include the funds allocated toward the Russo-Ukrainian war, which could tack on an additional $100 billion if the US keeps dumping money into Ukraine at the same rate.

In a statement concerning this monster defense budget, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the bloated defense budget is needed to face off against China, which the US national security state has identified as the country’s biggest geopolitical challenge.

“The President’s budget request provides the resources necessary to address the pacing challenge from the People’s Republic of China, address advanced and persistent threats, accelerate innovation and modernization, and ensure operational resiliency amidst our changing climate,” Austin, declared in a statement.

Per analysis from Responsible Statecraft, over half of the defense budget will likely be gobbled up by defense contractors. Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon will be getting the lion’s share of the funding. Included in the budget is $170 billion for weapons procurement and $145 billion for the research and development of new weapons.

The US no longer has national defense. It’s an empire concentrated on remaking the world in its dysfunctional image. If it were concentrated on national defense, the US would withdraw its troops from its far-flung military bases across the globe and station them at the southern border — it’s true geopolitical blind spot. 

Sadly, the imperial mindset of America’s ruling class prevents them from coming to their senses and recognizing the error of their ways.

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