28 States Embrace Anti-CRT Laws

Over half of states in the Union have enacted measures against the teaching of critical race theory, according to a University of California Los Angeles law school report. Such measures have been implemented in government employee training or schools.

An additional dozen have experienced successful initiatives on a smaller scale. In this case, single cities, counties or school districts implemented such laws and ordinances. 

On top of that, Statista’s Katharina Bucholz noted that nearly all states that haven’t passed anti-CRT measures yet have still seen bills proposed at the state level. The only exceptions are California, Delaware, and Vermont. 

That said, as Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted, several school districts have already banned or limited the teaching of critical race theory, which includes Orange County and Paso Robles.

The states with no directives or full-fledged laws at any level include: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

Durden gave an overview of what CRT entails: 

Critical Race Theory is a framework that sees race not mainly as a biological factor, but as a social construct and sees racism not only as an individual’s biases but as embedded in society.

It’s good to see more jurisdictions stand up against this nonsense. The time for debating is over. It’s time for public officials to firmly legislate against degenerate activity. It’s the only way to keep the Left at bay and prevent them from achieving full-blown cultural and political hegemony. 

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