300 Californians Are Ditching State EVERY DAY For Texas Due To Affordability And Lack Of Job Options, New Survey Shows

The California mass exodus is still alive and well. 

Not only are Americans still leaving California over its out-of-control policies and completely left-wing vision for 2035, but they are ditching the state for Texas.

According to a survey from StorageCafe, the exodus is even beginning to speed up:

Not only is California to Texas migration not slowing down but the route is also getting more crowded. Overall, 111K people – or 300 people a day – exchanged the sunny Californian skies for Texan ones in 2021, the peak period of the last decade and a whopping 80% increase compared to 2012 figures.

The biggest reasons for the move is due to affordability and job options.

Big League Politics touched on this topic late last month, covering a Los Angeles Times article that showed nearly half of California residents are saying they’re considering a move “very seriously.”

61% of respondents attributed high cost of living as part of their consideration.

Furthermore, The California Community Poll that the LA Times is referring to also found that nearly a third of residents “said they might leave because the state’s policies and laws don’t align with their political views.” 

Imagine that. Even celebrities are contemplating a switch.

In one example of California’s non-stop progressivism, the state is considering legislation that would make it a misdemeanor crime, punishable with up to one year in jail, to criticize teachers who are pushing transgender indoctrination upon children in schools.

The StorageCafe survey also highlighted how difficult California is to afford compared to places like Texas. Especially when it comes to home buying. 

There’s a reason Millennials are the largest demographic fleeing California.

In other words, living in California only works if a family is making and keeping a lot of money. Which is becoming increasingly harder to do under Joe Biden’s out-of-control economy.

From StorageCafe:

In addition to lower housing costs, transplants also get somewhat larger living spaces, with single family homes in Texas being 17% bigger than Californian residences. Utilities are generally lower-priced in Texas as well, roughly 20% less than in California.

The California mass exodus is a developing story. We will continue to update this growing trend when new information becomes available.

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