38% of Students at Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States Identify as LGBTQ

According to a recent study that the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology carried out, 38% of students enrolled at liberal arts colleges in the United States identify as LGBTQ. Ivy League schools stood at 27%.

The three schools with the highest percentage of LGBTQ students were Oberlin, Wellesley, and Smith College, at 51%, 61%, and 70%, respectively.

CSPI made the case that liberal arts colleges’ sizable  proportion of LGBTQ students was “linked to the strongly liberal ideology at these colleges,” calling attention to how 37% of “very liberal” students identified as LGBTQ. By contrast, only 5% of “very conservative” students identify as LGBTQ.

Universities are think tanks for the cultural Left, especially those who don’t offer much in terms of programs that translate into productive career paths. From elementary schools to higher education, these institutions have been thoroughly corrupted by the Left. 

Not only has the Left been relentless in its efforts to take over these institutions, but the Right has dropped the ball in defending said institutions. 

The nationalist Right now has the daunting task of reforming the education system at all levels. This will consist of privatizing and significantly cutting funding from state schools. On top of that, there will need to be more punitive measures used against faculty and administrators that promote culturally leftist agendas at universities. 

The Right cannot afford to have the Left continue swallowing up educational institutions at all levels of society. It must fight back and punish those who work to undermine this great nation.

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