4 Killed in Series of Mass Stabbings in Orange County

Police take into custody a suspect that was involved in a a double stabbing in Garden Grove earlier in the day on Wednesdsay. Aug. 7, 2019. (Photo by OnScene)

Santa Ana police officers arrested a 33-year old suspect after a string of robberies and stabbings that left 4 people dead across Orange County. Two more are injured.

Orange County law enforcement are yet to provide a name for the suspect, who utilized a knife as a deadly weapon during several robberies that targeted small businesses in the area. The man was finally arrested at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, after carrying out a nine-hour crime spree that spanned from the neighboring city of Garden Grove to Santa Ana.

A photo of a knife in the parking lot where the suspect was arrested was taken by local media. It’s very likely the man used the kitchen knife in his all-day crime spree.

The rampage began when authorities were alerted to two break-ins at a residence and a Garden Grove bakery within minutes. They later identified a black Mercedes that was possibly being driven by a person of interest, tracing it to both crime scenes. Two individuals were later found stabbed to death at the residential apartment.

There is no indication at publication time that the unnamed suspect possessed a firearm at any stage of his lengthy stabbing spree.

The killer’s choice of weapon didn’t seem to prevent him from committing three or four robberies and taking the lives of four people in the process. Presumably, if law-abiding citizens had been legally carrying a gun during the robberies the perp committed, they could have stopped him cold in his tracks.

California is notoriously stringent and corrupt when it comes to granting concealed carry licenses.

As Orange County reels from a knife-wielding bandit’s murderous crime spree, it’s only a matter of time until weak Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw demand new “red-flag” laws be extended to knife owners.

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