42% of American Voters: China Must Pay for Wuhan Virus Spread

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey 42% of likely U.S. voters believe that Communist China should help pay for a portion of the financial costs that have resulted from the spread of the Wuhan Virus across the world.

Of the voters polled 54% of Republicans feel that China should pay at least some of the world’s Wuhan Virus costs, a view shared by 37% of both Democrats and Independent voters.

The survey also shows that among voters who “Strongly Approve” of the job President Trump is doing, 57% agree that China should help pay at least some of the costs associated with the spread of the virus which originated in Wuhan.

When asked about their belief of why China should pay for some of the Wuhan Virus costs, voters cited China’s secrecy and their failures to shut down their borders as the virus spread thru their country as reasons.

The same survey shows that nearly 30% of voters believe that if China follows thru with its threat to restrict U.S. access to major prescription drug it should be considered an act of war.

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