59% of American Voters Back Canadian Truckers Against the Canadian Government’s Tyrannical Wuhan Virus Measures

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently enacted emergency powers in his desperate attempt to clamp down on protests that truckers launched against the Canadian government’s draconian Wuhan virus restrictions. 

The trucker protests have drawn international coverage. More importantly, these protests have received strong support from American voters according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

In this report, Rassmussen found that 59% of likely US voters back the “Freedom Convoy.” 42% of them indicated that they strongly support the Freedom Convoy. 33% of American voters are against the trucker protest. 21% of these voters indicated that they “strongly oppose” the protest.

On February 14, 2012, Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergencies Act to crack down on the peaceful protests by truck drivers. These truckers have effectively shut down Ottawa over the Trudeau regime’s Wuhan virus  restrictions. The majority of American voters believe Trudeau should work to address the truckers’ demands.

51% believe Trudeau should lift Canada’s Wuhan virus restrictions, whereas 35% don’t believe Trudeau should give in to the protesters’ demands by lifting the restrictions. 14% are unsure.

In a similar vein, there have been calls for American truckers to launch protests in the mold of Canada’s “Freedom Convoy.” 54% of Americans voters stated they would back trucker protests against Wuhan virus restrictions in the United States, including 36% who indicated they would “strongly support” such protests. 38% would stand against US trucker protests over Wuhan virus restrictions, which includes 27% who would “strongly oppose” such protests in the US.

From a partisan standpoint, the Canadian trucker protests are largely supported by Republicans (77%). 60% of independent voters and 40% of Democratic voters support the trucker protests.

50% of Democratic voters are against the Canadian trucker protests. Only 17% of Republican and 30% of independent voters oppose the trucker protests.  

71% of Republicans and 55% of independent voters believe Trudeau should address the protester’s demands by lifting all Wuhan virus restrictions. Only 28% of Democrats believe that the Trudeau government should end these restrictions. 55% of Democrats believe Trudeau should keep Wuhan virus restrictions in place. By contrast, 19% of Republicans and 19% of independent voters hold these views.

In a similar vein, 74% of Republicans and 57% of independent voters would back truck protests against Wuhan virus restrictions in the US, while only 35% of Democratic voters would support similar protests. 

There’s a clear transnational right-wing populist sentiment emerging in the North American continent. The Canadian truckers should be in every American right-wingers’ thoughts and prayers. These heroic individuals are demonstrating how to use demonstrations as a way to paralyze a country whose political class has opted for a tyrannical course.

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