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700 Parents Demand California Schools Stop Pushing Sex on Their Children



Late last week, around 700 parents attended the Chino Valley Board of Education meeting to demand that the school district allow parents the option to opt our of K-12 sex education curricula.

Parents from varied backgrounds and with ethnicities held up signs that read “Support Parents’ RIGHT TO DECIDE” and “Let Parents Decide.”

A proposal that requires the school district to notify parents when “comprehensive sexual education”, family life education, HIV prevention education, and instances which could imperil their child’s physical/bodily privacy on school premises was brought up by Pastor Jack Hibbs with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, along with around 40 other concerned parents and citizens.

The proposal complies with the state law by granting parents the right to exclude their children from any classes that teach them inappropriate sexual activity, including imposing any LGBT agenda on children. Children as young as seventh graders are being encouraged to explore certain graphic sexual acts with one another during the sexual “health” curriculum classes being taught at school.

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In 2015, California legislature passed AB 329,which changed state law related to sexual health education to include LGBT issues, and sexual practices as part of statewide curriculum for K-12 graders in the state. This included things material added into the curriculum that included “education” on sex toys, lubricants, and anal sex. Some of the material being taught in the “Sexual Health Tool Kit,” included things like how to educate young women about their erogenous zones, use of adequate stimulation, finding a comfortable sexual position, and advising trying kegel exercises–children, doing kegels. Let that sink in.

Most parents would agree that children should be taught to steer away from risky sexual behavior and encourage them to abstain from sexual activity all together until their married, not encourage them to explore sexual acts and identities.

What it comes down to is who has the right to teach our children such sensitive subjects? The state or the children’s own parents? As a parent, your number one job is to protect your children, and this is no exception.

Next month, the Chino Valley Board of Education will have an opportunity to approve this common-sense measure.



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