83,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed United States Border in Second Week of May

As Title 42 restrictions were lifted on May 11, 2023, tens of thousands of illegal alien invaders penetrated the United States-Mexico border.

“A record-setting 83,000 migrants crossed our border illegally this week — equivalent to a full capacity Dallas Cowboys football stadium,” declared Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

Melugin fact-checked White House press Karine Jean-Pierre, by saying her comment about mass releases not occurring at the southern border is “categorically false.” He said that is “not the reality of what’s happening on the ground here.” 

The Biden regime indicated there’s a plan which includes bolstering Title 8 penalties, an asylum regulation that makes individuals entering the US illegally ineligible to receive asylum. 

There’s a crisis on the southern border that the corporate media barely even covers. It’s the existential issue of our time. If we can’t get our border under control and stop the mass migration Zerg Rush, the US will cease to exist as a coherent nation. Those are the harsh facts. 

Hence the need to get the immigration question right. It’s up to the next generation of America First Republicans to get this matter sorted out. The first step in this process is to thoroughly purge the GOP of its pro-open borders and cheap labor elements.

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