95% of Donations from Silicon Valley Big Tech Employees Have Gone to Joe Biden

Analysis of campaign donations by Wired reveals that donors affiliated with the six biggest technology companies in American have donated to Joe Biden 95% of the time. The analysis queried campaign donations made by self-identifying employees of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle.

The unipolar distribution of donations goes to show that employees associated with the most powerful corporations in American life are wholly in support of Joe Biden.

The Big Tech employees have donated 20 times more money to Joe Biden than they have to Donald Trump, with listed campaign donations for Biden adding up to almost $4,800,000 and just $240,000 for Trump. Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple account for five of the seven largest donors to the Biden campaign, suggesting the entities are wholly linked together in their support of Biden.

Individual donors can give even more money to political PAC groups than they can to political campaigns, which are limited in the donation amounts they can receive from sole contributors by federal election law. The Joe Biden campaign is considerably outspending the President’s, largely enabled to do so by the support of major billionaires who staunchly oppose President Trump.

The glut of donations will largely ensure that Biden shields big tech monopolies such as Facebook and Google from regulation and oversight if he’s elected President, allowing them to continue censoring and deplatforming conservatives and nationalists.

Increasingly, the Democratic Party and American Left are wedded to the most wealthy and powerful oligarchs in American society, an implication that bodes poorly for the prospects of middle and working-class Americans who seek to advance their interests within the party. It may become an inevitability that the Republican Party realigns to fight for everyday Americans against the so-called ‘Masters of the Universe.’

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